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St Laurence's College MusicStudents studying a musical instrument are required to participate in an ensemble if a position is available and ensemble opportunities are offered to beginner to advanced levels incorporating a variety of styles.

The following Ensembles are available for students to  join:

Year 5 Ensemble

The Year 5 Instrumental Music Program is a feature of the College, where all Year 5 students have an opportunity to learn a woodwind, brass, percussion, orchestral strings instrument or voice and participate in a Year 5 Ensemble.

Concert Bands

Students studying woodwind, brass and percussion instruments can join a concert band that suits their ability level. Students are required to audition for a place in these bands.

Jazz Big Bands

Students studying saxophone, trumpet, trombone and rhythm section instruments can join the Big Bands, which play a variety of swing, rock and Latin styles. The Big Bands have levels from beginner to advanced.

Guitar Orchestras

Students studying acoustic guitar and electric bass guitar can audition for a position in the guitar orchestras that perform classical, latin and contemporary music.

String Orchestras

Students studying orchestral stringed instruments can audition for a position in the Senior String Orchestra, Intermediate String Orchestra, Full Orchestra, Fellowship of the String and Year 5 String Orchestra.