Good sportsmanship and fair competition is the foundation of all sport at St Laurence’s College.

A student’s participation in sport is an important component of the well rounded educational experience offered at St Laurence’s College. The College’s co-curricular sports program offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and caters for the beginning sportsman through to the elite athlete. Through a student’s participation in sport, St Laurence’s continues the development of essential lifelong physical skills and healthy behaviours, which continue into adulthood. The College also believes that sport is an aid to good academic achievement, as sport and the associated training, is integrated with the study pattern of a student.

The College has a long sporting history of proud traditions and outstanding achievements. St Laurence’s sporting facilities include a multipurpose state of the art synthetic grassfield located onsite with a further eight grass ovals located at the College’s Runcorn Playing Fields. A new state of the art sports facility is being built for the College main campus in 2017. St Laurence’s College conducts a number of sporting tours and they usually take place every two years for most sports.

St Laurence’s College is a member school of the Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) – Years 5 to 12 and Regional Sporting Organisations. The association sports are Cricket, Swimming, Volleyball (Trimester 1), Cross Country, Football (Soccer), Rugby, (Trimester 2) and Athletics, Basketball, Tennis,  (Trimester 3). AIC Chess is also played in Trimester 2.  In addition to these sports, AFL, Golf, Water Polo and Touch Football are offered to students in selected year levels.

Mr Eddie Wallace, the Director of Sport, heads a sporting program that provides a high standard of sports administration, creating opportunities for all students to realise their sporting potential. Each of the Association sports has a Primary Coordinator and an AIC Director who are responsible for coaching and the administration of that sport.

Sports and Recreation Information Booklet

AIC Code of Conduct

SLC Concussion Policy