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Sport Excellence Program

The EP- Sport program at St. Laurence’s College aims to ensure elite athletes within the College achieve to their academic and sporting potential. Athletes in the program will be supported by an EP program coordinator who will assist with the management of athletes in balancing their academic, training and competition commitments.


To be selected to be a part of the EP (Sport) program (Tiers 1 and 2) at St. Laurence’s College- students will need to have met all three of the following criteria.


This criteria will be met if the student athlete has achieved:

Selection in a Queensland Secondary School Sport (QSSS) Team


A Queensland representative team recognised by the National Sporting Body selected from the following organisations only-:

  • Swimming Australia
  • Australian Volleyball Federation
  • Hockey Australia
  • Football Federation Australia (FFA)
  • National Rugby League (NRL)
  • Australian Rugby Union (ARU)
  • Basketball Australia
  • Cricket Australia

*This list may be adjusted in the future at the discretion of the College.


Membership of a Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) Development squad or a National Talented Athletes Program Squad organised by the Australian Institute of Sport


Student with a signed contract to a National Sporting Team (Academies not included).


This criteria will be met if the student athlete has a training and competition schedule that:

  1. Is considerable in amount of training and competition sessions per week
  2. Is considerable in the amount of time spent training and training
  3. The amount of time training and competing will have significant impacts on the student’s studies.


This criteria will be met if the student athlete has proven his commitment to:

  1. Excellent standards of behaviour and application at school and when representing the College.
  2. Significant participation (minimum of 2) in the co-curricular program at St. Laurence’s College


Tier 1 – Excellence Program- Sport (EP) – Only Students in Years 10, 11 & 12 (Senior School)

Students who meet all three criteria. These students will be specifically mentored by the EP (Sport) Program Coordinator. Mentoring will include special consideration for assessment (approved by studies office & HOFs’), calendar planning, regular interviews- a minimum of 2 per term.

Tier 2 – Excellence Program Junior Support Program (EPJSP) – ‘selected elite athletes’ in Years 7, 8, & 9 (Middle School)

Students who meet all three criteria but are in the middle school. These students will have full access to the EP Coordinator at their discretion, no arranged meetings will occur unless the student arranges this with the EP Coordinator.  This support will include communication between EP (Sport) Program coordinator, head of year, teachers and parents.  Group meetings will be conducted at the start of each term to assist students in preparation for the term ahead.

Tier 3 –College Sporting Excellence Assistance (Only Students in Years 10, 11 & 12 are eligible)

Students who do not meet all three criteria of the EP program, however are representing the College in at least one sport throughout each sporting trimester at ‘A’ or First team level.

Supported Program (Middle School- Assistance with HOY/AHOY)

Students in middle school who do not meet all three criteria but are pursuing the elite sportsman pathway will be referred to their respective Head of Year. The sports department will monitor their progress and inclusion in the program at a later date may be possible.

Application Process

Students wishing to apply for the program must complete a Talented Athlete Special Provision Request Form and return to the the Excellence Program Coordinator in the Sports Office. Students and parents may then be invited to take part in an interview with the EP Sport Program Coordinator and the Director of Sport

Students must apply for participation in the program at the commencement of each school year or immediately after their selection in a recognised state team. Students will have to re-apply each year.

For more information about St Laurence’s College Sport Excellence Program, please contact the Excellence Program – Sport Coordinator, Ms Rebecca Dwyer