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Gifted and Talented

G&TGifted and Talented Education at St Laurence’s College provides an educational journey, individuality, and unique interests of each young man are appreciated, cultivated and maximised. It is an integral facet of St Laurence’s College endeavour to enrich the learning of every student and value their individual talents and areas of interest.

With a wide range of programs for both primary and secondary students, extending from the arenas of mathematics, science and technology to the humanities and the arts, Gifted and Talented Education is designed to help each student maximise their potential through fun, exciting and challenging experiences. Students with specialised interests can choose to participate in year long programs, day events or competitions in the following areas: History, politics, law, literature, philosophy, creative writing, geography, mathematics, science, engineering, IT, media, music, drama and art.

With extensive choices in both the subject area and style of programs available as part of Gifted and Talented Education, students are assured of developing their knowledge and skills in whichever area they have a high level of ability, interest, or motivation to learn.

For further information, please contact Head Gifted and Talented email nlightbody@slc.qld.edu.au.