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The Primary teaching staff at St Laurence’s College take pride in their profession. Committed to providing a rounded, holistic education, they care for the academic, personal, physical, social, cultural and spiritual development of every students. Many draw on a wealth of experience in industry or on knowledge acquired through higher degrees. A balance between older staff with many years experience in the classroom and younger staff with engaging energy helps ensure continuity of quality teaching.

Head of Primary

Mr Cameron Wigan

Home Class Teachers

Year 5 Head of Year: Michael Sharkey – 5B

Mrs Alicia Sheehan – 5G

Ms Kate Flanagan – 5R

Mr Jeremy Fisher- 5S

Mr Shane Wheeler – 5W

Year 6 Head of Year: Mr Danny O’Toole – 5G

Mr Gavin Hosking – 6B

Mr Nick Hurford – 6R

Mrs Toni Godfrey – 6S

Mr Basil Ranieri – 6W

Teaching Staff: 

Mr Graham Clark and Mrs Kath Perotin

Assistant to Head of Primary: Ms Bridget Taylor

Teacher Aides: Mrs Karen Kindt and Mrs Margaret Jappe

Learning Support: Mrs Elisha Cassels

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Belinda Booth

Library Technician: Mrs Michelle McLauchlan