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Middle School

St. Laurence’s College Middle School provides challenging, rigorous and relevant learning programs that actively engage students in the learning process and support students to achieve excellence. The vision and mission of the College is to educate boys holistically, through the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social dimensions of life. In the Middle School we strive to ensure that all our students are happy, confident, safe and secure within this learning environment.

The Middle School comprises years 7 to 9, and encompasses a unique and challenging period for adolescent boys. Students are encouraged to develop independence, take responsibility, and become accountable for their own learning in preparation for the senior school. We accept and recognise that our students are undergoing significant physical, social and emotional developments, and we aim to provide students with an extensive extra-curricular and pastoral care program to both extend and support them throughout this time of growth.

The school camps and outdoor education programs cater for students with a range of abilities; enhancing boy’s self-esteem and team skills, whilst providing a variety of activities and developmental programs. The co-curricular element of the College provides every student the opportunity to participate in the many cultural, musical, spiritual and sporting aspects of school life, and by doing so, attempts to break down any barriers that may exist in relation to diversity; enabling students to build a real sense of community and respect.

The Middle School pastoral program aims to create a sense of belonging, as well as cultivating trust and inclusiveness; recognising the importance of positive relationships for students. Moreover, the Middle School seeks to engage students with the wider community and the world outside school, which hold invaluable learning experiences. The College continues to forge links with external agencies, and our students are encouraged to be involved in the service learning activities on offer during these years. The College provides students with the advantage of contact with leading academics through both national competitions and the gifted and talented program. Opportunities for students also include; the State Emergency Services program, charitable activities, influential guest speakers and the ability to participate in global expeditions and numerous other external programs. If our students are destined to become leaders of the next generation, they need to develop leadership skills, emotional awareness, and self-confidence, and enter their senior studies with a desire to achieve.

The specific needs of independent year levels are also addressed through ‘Laurie’s Journey’ lessons facilitated by the Heads of Year. Middle School students have specific strengths and vulnerabilities that are different to other year levels at the College. As such the pastoral program for each year level aims to be responsive to its students ever changing needs. The Laurie’s Journey lessons aim to promote resilience, personal growth, confidence and self-esteem which in turn will assist students to make strong choices and decisions to better manage their lives, studies and relationships. Intrinsic to our underlying philosophy is respect, inclusion and fairness for each other and the wider community.

The Middle School at St. Laurence’s College is responsive to the differing needs of our students, and we continue to review and develop our programs, in order to improve outcomes for students.