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Stationery Lists

A selection of stationery is required each year for all students, in accordance with equipment requirements and form St Laurence’s College Stationery Lists for each Year level:

Year 5 Stationery List

Year 6 Stationery List

Year 7 Stationery List

Year 8 Stationery List

Year 9 Stationery List

Year 10 Stationery List

Year 11 Stationery List

Year 12 Stationery List


Stationery supplies are made available to parents through our chosen supplier, MK Educational Supplies. The College uses an online ordering system and below are a list of instructions to ensure a smooth ordering process.

If you do not have access to the internet to complete an online order, a hard copy will be available for you to pick up at the College Administration or you can phone St Laurence’s College on 07 3010 1111 to make alternative arrangements.

Stationery may be purchased elsewhere; however, for your convenience MK Educational Supplies offers these products at a competitive price and delivered directly to your home with their company.



For online ordering please follow the steps below:

1.     Go to website :  www.mkes.com.au

2.     Click on Order Your Book List

3.    Enter the School Code – STLCS18

4.     Select Year Level

5.     Then select subjects and fill in the order.

6.     Please note that your credit card is not debited immediately, it will be debited approximately three weeks prior to the delivery.

ONLINE ORDER CUT OFF DATE: Friday 17 November 2017


See MKES website for details (www.mkes.com.au). (Please do not send money to the College).

Your pack will be delivered to your nominated addresses.

While every care is taken in packing, mistakes do occasionally occur. Therefore, on receipt of your pack, please check that the contents are as per the invoice. If an error has occurred, please contact MK Educational Supplies within 10 days.

The prices on the Order Form are applicable until the end of December. Prices of some items may vary slightly if purchased at a later date.



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Phone: 07 3265 6045     Fax: 07 3265 1983
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Website: www.mkes.com.au
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