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College Board

Monastery Boardroom photoThe College Board is an advisory committee to the College Principal and is an appointed body that monitors the finances, curriculum and project management of St Laurence’s College.

The Board meet nine times a year and carries out its responsibilities to the Trustees of the Christian Brothers (Oceania) through Edmund Rice Education Australia.

The College Board considers the following matters:

  • Financial management,
  • Long term project management,
  • Curriculum reform, and
  • The Edmund Rice identity of the College

The current College Board Members are listed below:

Chair of Board, Paul Begg
Principal, Chris Leadbetter
Deputy Principal, John Butterworth
Board Secretary, Heather Batchelor
Andreia Wigan
Jo Richards
Michael Drew
Paul Begg
Deanne Johnston
Roderick O’Sullivan
Shane Hull
Stellios Falieros
Derek Maclean