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Current Staff

College Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team works together to provide leadership and direction to the College Community to achieve the mission of St Laurence’s College. Under the direction of the Principal, each of the Deans has the responsibility for running different aspects of College life.

Chris Leadbetter – Principal
John Butterworth – Deputy Principal
Carolyn Kenny – Dean of Identity
Peter Cook – Dean of Staff
Kirsten Wardrop – Dean of Studies
Natalie Casey – Dean of Administration
Liam Herbert – Head of Senior School
David Knight – Head of Middle School
Cameron Wigan – Head of Primary School
Sharyn Finn – Business Manager

Heads of Year

Brendan Flanagan – Head of Year 12
Andrew Gibb – Assistant Head of Year 12
Lisa Foster – Head of Year 11
Bradley Kelman – Assistant Head of Year 11
Nathan Burridge – Head of Year 10
Tim Mallon – Assistant Head of Year 10
Anthony Samios – Head of Year 9
Shane Lynch – Assistant Head of Year 9
Ben Russell – Head of Year 8
Anthony Bird – Assistant Head of Year 8
Lachlan Heshusius – Head of Year 7
Phillip Hiley – Assistant Head of Year 7
Danny O’Toole – Head of Year 6
Michael Sharkey – Head of Year 5

Heads of Faculty

Alana Bailey – Head of Faculty – Business and Languages
Christopher Boerdam – Head of Faculty – English
Nataleen Kilburn – Head of Faculty, Geography and History
Roxanne Rosenberg – Head of Faculty, Science
Leonie Mount – Head of Faculty – Religion
Charlotte Wilson – Head of Faculty – Mathematics
Domnic Aguiar – Head of Faculty – Health and Physical Education
Danny O’Sullivan – Head of Faculty – Technologies
Peter Foster – Head of Faculty – Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

Curriculum Support Team

Joel Glazebrook – Head of eLearning
Naomi Lightbody – Head of Gifted and Talented
Jennifer Lyon – Head of Learning Support
Cheryl Toohey – Head of Library Services
Danny Alizart – Head of Senior School Studies
Robyn Winks – Head of Middle School Studies
Michelle Smith – Head of Vocational Education

Program Leaders

Sarah Gunn – Director of Graduate Teacher Performance and Development
Ross Capern – Director of Instrumental Music
Anthony Young – Director of Classroom, Choral and Liturgical Music
Etaoin Donovan – Director of Service Learning
Eddie Wallace – Director of Sport