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Lauries Shop

All College uniform requirements are available at The Lauries Shop, which is open from 7.30am – 1.30pm, Monday to Friday. All students are expected to wear the entire uniform with no substitutes or exceptions. Bags or clothing items that are not part of the uniform are not to be used at any time.

Yard hat
St Laurence’s College is a Sun Smart school and the College yard hat is compulsory for all students while on College grounds before and after school and during the lunch breaks each day.

Blazer and tie
It is compulsory during terms 2 and 3 that all students wear the College blazer and tie to and from school each day.  From time to time, a blazer and tie may be required in other terms for official engagements or ceremonies.

The Lauries Shop has an extensive range of stationery items, sporting accessories and music instrument replacement pieces, including pens, A4 exercise pads, book covers, compass sets and display folders. There are also goggles, fins, mouth guards, cricket male protectors and shin guards as well as replacement pieces for musical instruments including valve oil, reeds and cleaning brushes as well as music folders and bags.

Co-Curricular sport uniforms and activities
It is expected that students participating in any Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) sports wear the entire uniform including playing shorts, jersey/shirt and socks. Coaches reserve the right to exclude boys from playing if the correct uniform is not worn on the day. All AIC participants are required to wear the yellow training shirt (one shirt for all sports) for all weekday training and on the game day for pre game warm up.

Second hand range
The Lauries Shop accepts second hand blazers to be sold on consignment. Blazers must be dry cleaned with tag in place and they must be in saleable condition. We cannot accept blazers that are ripped, torn, faded or stained. Second hand blazers are usually sold for $100 to $120. Once sold, 80% of the sell price is given to the parent and 20% is kept by the College as commission.

The Lauries Shop has a selection of second hand blazers, pullovers, shorts, trousers, blue and white shirts and co-curricular jerseys at significantly reduced prices. Parents are welcome to come and browse the second hand range during opening hours. If there is not a second hand blazer in the size you require, we will waitlist your name.