The St Laurence’s Old Boys’ Foundation is the fundraising arm of the St Laurence's College Old Boys.

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St Laurence’s Old Boys’ Foundation is about building lives. Since its establishment in 1988, the Foundation has worked closely with the St Laurence’s College and the Old Boys’ Association to promote the vision of Edmund Rice, the founder of the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. He was a businessman who was drawn to the plight of poor children whose parents could not afford to send them to the paying schools of the time. He ultimately devoted his life to the education of disadvantaged boys and for decades the Christian Brothers continued the work of Edmund Rice by providing the opportunity to educate boys whose families were in need. They often did this by going without themselves. The aim of the Foundation is to take up the mantle from the Christian Brothers and continue their culture of education and giving.

A Giving Culture

The Foundation has a capital base, the proceeds of which are distributed annually to aid in the education of needy members of the College community while still growing the investment for future generations. The below Foundation’s ‘Beyond the Gates’ video provides further information on the fantastic work of the organisation.

You can help

Through the Bequest Program and Annual Financial Appeal, the Foundation provides educational opportunities for boys from a variety of backgrounds: single parent families, families enduring financial hardship, non English speaking, indigenous families and refugees from other countries. Every dollar donated goes towards helping young men who deserve the chance to receive a good education.


The Trustees of the Foundation particularly wish to acknowledge the generosity of all Old Boys who have contributed to the annual fundraising appeals. In particular to the Dyer Family who established the Tony and Nick Dyer Bursary to recognise the challenges and opportunities with starting a new life in a new country; and Mr Bill Siganto AM and Dr Marie Siganto AM for the Siganto Family Endowment in commemoration of the education and values Bill and his sons received at St Laurence’s College.