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College Crest

SLC-School-Crest-in-pantone-116-transparent-BGThe centrepiece of the crest shows the Celtic Cross reminding us that the Christian Brothers began in Ireland. The Cross represents the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The star symbolises that Christ is light to the world. Above the Celtic Cross is the Book of Learning, recognising the Congregation of the Christian Brothers has an educational purpose and that the ultimate knowledge is of Christ who is “Alpha” and “Omega”, the Beginning and the End of all Creation. On the book in the crest there will be seen on its 2 pages these letters of the Greek alphabet.

The motto on the scroll above the crest – facere et docere – is really that of the Christian Brothers themselves, “to do and to teach”, which for the students could well be adapted to “to do and to learn”. The school is a place of learning; it must also be a centre of activity involving students in a community spirit with classmates and staff. It is from this community spirit experienced during school years that students will derive the most in terms of their overall development.