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Pastoral care is a distinctive cultural characteristic of a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition and, accordingly, is a fundamental part of St Laurence’s College. The welfare of the boys is paramount in the school as we encourage boys to follow their studies with purpose and confidence, and which promotes their full human growth. The school has high expectations of student behaviour in all situations, expectations which aim to promote a high degree of self discipline within the students as well as enhancing self confidence, self esteem and good habits for later life.

In the Primary, Pastoral Care is the responsibility of the Dean of Primary and the Primary Home Class Teachers. Overall responsibility for Pastoral Care in the Secondary rests with the Dean of Pastoral. The Deans, Heads of Year and Home Class Teachers take a special interest in each boy’s academic and general progress. They are also there to praise and record any particular success or achievement.  The Home Class group is the basic pastoral and administrative unit of the school.

A Peer Support Program operates between Senior students and Years 5 to Year 8 helping to assist the younger students in settling into the school.  In Senior, boys have the opportunity to aspire to formal leadership roles in the school. Further, all Seniors act as “Big Brothers” to assist new students adjust to life at the College. Counselling staff with specialist counselling services offsite to assist students and families. Informal counselling is undertaken by members of staff who relate to students in various capacities.