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College Song and War Cry

St Laurence’s College College Song and War Cry helps students, parents and the community to support and encourage the Lauries Spirit at various events and activities the school attends.

College Song

Cheer when the Black and Gold
Call forth the brave and bold,
Just like the men of old,
Down through the years.
Here with the boys competing
Now feel the blood a-beating
High with the spirit
Of the old College men.  (Chorus)

Towering in gallant fame,
Proudly we raise your name,
High may your proud standards Gloriously wave.
Scene of our high endeavour,
School unsurpassed forever,
School we shall cherish ever-

St Laurence’s!

Formed on the College Hill
Staunch are the friendships still,
Growing and lasting
Till time evermore.
When college friends are meeting,
Memories in floods come leaping,
Thrilled with the spirit
Of the old school again.  (Chorus x 2)

War Cry

St Laurence’s  Yah!
Here we are!
Facere et Docere,
Saints are leading all the way.
Gold and Black, Gold and Black,
SLC are on the track.
Rangy, Tangy, Zip and Zee
Gold and Black is SLC
S . . L . . C.