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Heads of Year

St Laurence's CollegeThe Primary, Middle and Senior School at St Laurence’s College has a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year (HOY) who is responsible for each year group of students. The Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year coordinate the work of the Home Class Teachers and deals with major pastoral issues and disciplinary matters. Pressing concerns should, in the first instance, be addressed to the relevant Home Class Teacher. Many problems can be dealt with by telephone, email or letter, but parents who feel that an interview would be helpful, are asked to make an appointment.

There is also a Head of Primary School, Head of Middle School and Head of Senior School. Each Head of Year reports directly to their Head of School (Primary, Middle or Senior School, depending on the year level) and the Heads of School report directly to the Dean of Pastoral, who is on the College Leadership Team.

Primary School

Head of Primary – Cameron Wigan
Head of Year 5 – Mr Danny O’Toole
Head of Year 6 – Mr Michael Sharkey

Middle School

Head of Middle School – Mr David Knight
Head of Year 7 – Mr Brendan Flanagan
Assistant Head of Year 7 – Mr Shane Lynch
Head of Year 8 – Mr Lachlan Heshusius
Assistant Head of Year 8 – Mr Phillip Hiley
Head of Year 9 – Mr Ben Russell
Assistant Head of Year 9 – Mr Anthony Bird

Senior School

Head of Senior School – Mr Liam Herbert
Head of Year 10 – Mr Anthony Samios
Assistant Head of Year 10 – Mr Tim Mallon
Head of Year 11 – Mr Nathan Burridge
Assistant Head of Year 11 – Mr Andrew Gibb
Head of Year 12 – Ms Lisa Foster
Assistant Head of Year 12 – Mr Brad Kelman