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PEAK Program


Performance, Empowerment, Attitude, Knowledge

A program developed by Mr Lachlan Heshusius and Mr Ben Penna

The PEAK program aims to assist in or initiate the transformation of the youth at St Laurence’s College into productive, responsible young adults of the community. Through engaging in various pastoral activities, students are challenged to break down the barriers of poor choices and make positive steps towards their better future.

Not every student is engineered towards academia, and this program aims to give these students a purpose for being at school, and promote their strengths rather than focus on their shortcomings. Every student is made in the ‘image and likeness of God’ and this program builds on this ethos through encouraging improvements in performance both within and outside the classroom. PEAK aims to empower students by offering various pathways into the future, building strong attitudes to school, to work and increasing student knowledge about valuable life skills.

Guiding Principles

  • Create caring, safe and sustained relationships
  • Reachable Goals
  • Realistic hopeful pathways
  • Engaging school and community setting

In order to achieve these goals, students will be involved in various projects aimed at the four focus areas of performance, empowerment, attitude and knowledge.  As the students complete the course they will be presented with a certificate outlining the transferrable skills gained as well as a character reference from the course coordinators, which can be used when applying for jobs. The program also includes an annual trip to Mount Isa, where students engage in life in a rural setting, and an annual camping trip in Brisbane.

The Program

The PEAK program will encompass the following:

  • Study Support Program
  • Building and construction
  • Car maintenance and servicing
  • Hospitality and cooking
  • ‘Face your fears’ camp
  • Caring for wildlife
  • Rock & Water Program
  • A number of different guest speakers throughout the year
  • Risk-Taking Behaviours, Depression & Youth Suicide, and Drugs Awareness
  • Team Building Initiatives
  • First Aid Course