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PrimaryThe Lauries Journey provides the context and structure for the delivery of the pastoral care program in Years 5 and 6.

Pastoral care refers to the extensive support and management provided for the students, staff and parents. At St Laurence’s College Primary the approach is a holistic one, developing and supporting the boys to be and become the best person they can be.

The Lauries Journey is a metaphorical journey, walked by the boys, in partnerships with their peers, staff, family and extended school community. This sense of partnership and community builds confidence, spirit and importantly, a sense of self worth and belonging.

Structured, sequential lessons are delivered to the boys in classrooms, assemblies and by external expert presenters to develop a deep understanding of age appropriate issues and topics. The boys are taught the value of forming mutually respectful relationships and have the skills for developing such relationships modelled and explicitly taught by staff. The focus is on placing highly desirable personal characteristics such as trust, forgiveness, inclusion, humility, honesty and dignity at the centre of forming relationships.

Central to the Lauries Journey is the notion of Restorative Justice. This set of practices ensures people to identify and take responsibility for their actions. It allows them to repair any damage that the actions or behaviours may have caused before finally, moving forward in a positive, mutually respectful way. Restorative Justice acknowledges as the central premise that humans make mistakes, including children.

Professional services such as counselling support is also available to students and families as part of the pastoral care program if required. The pastoral care program to develops skills that can be transferred into adult life. It is a structured program based on opportunities to engage in all aspects of College life.