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Senior School

Senior School at St Laurence’s College is composed of the final three chapters to each boy’s Lauries Journey. It is a time of considerable growth and development for each student as they transition from boys to young men.

There is much emphasis during the senior years placed on academics, participation and service. The boys develop an appreciation of this during key programmes, in particular:

Year 10

  1. Student Development: SET Plan and Subject Selection
  2. Service Opportunities

Year 11

  1. Student Development: Service Learning
  2. Leadership Preparation

Year 12

  1. Student Development: QCS Preparation
  2. Committee Structures and Formal Student Leadership

St Laurence’s College provides the best opportunities for boys to strive and excel in this modern world by coupling our educational expectations with pastoral support.

The Youth National Survey identified that young males aged 15-19 value three things above all else: Family relationships; friendships; and, physical and mental health. A close fourth is school and study satisfaction. In contrast, the same demographic voiced three major concerns: School and study problems; coping with stress and anxiety; and, family conflict.

As such, the Senior School Lauries Journey aims to provide students with a skill set to enable them to rise to each challenge by prioritising a proactive social and emotional education. Each year level moves through an Identity and Formation Program that addresses study skills, stress and anxiety, service, and family and friends.

The College hosts guest speakers and other professionals to address the boys on issues such as cybersafety, mental health, risk taking and healthy male lifestyles as well as complimentary information evenings and educational seminars are offered periodically to parents, reinforcing that we are all in this together and we are indeed all part of the larger Lauries’ family. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.