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Student Leadership

Developing student leadership is an important part of the Pastoral Care Program at St Laurence’s College. Students are taught the value of good leadership skills and the essential role they play in promoting the Edmund Rice ethos, with the Seniors particularly have a key responsibility within the College.

In Year 11, leadership training is conducted to prepare them for their role in Year 12. Students are taught that all members of the Senior School have a responsibility to the younger students of the College and the school community at large. The Year 11 Leadership Camp is the highlight of the training program for many of the students and staff, with many parents sharing part of that experience. The formal selection process for the College Student Leaders and the Peer Mentors occurs in Term 4 of Year 11.

In Year 12 all Seniors put on the white shirts and Senior ties and keenly take on their role as the Senior Leaders. Throughout the year they carry out their duties under the direction of the College Captain, Vice Captains and Prefects with the assistance and mentoring of the Dean of Pastoral and Head of Year. Key responsibilities of the Seniors include running of the Senior committees, role modelling appropriate academic rigor, personal behaviour, and dress, getting involved in all aspects College life and developing school spirit as well as supporting and mentoring the younger students of the College.

Student Leaders for 2018

St Laurence’s College Student Leaders include a College Captain, two College Vice Captains, and Prefects. They carry out many formal duties including speaking on assemblies, representing the College at functions and events and chairing the Senior committees. Overall, they are great role models and perform their duties in the spirit of Edmund Rice.

College Captain

Harry Kidd


Joel Anich and Oscar McCarron


Yousif Al-Patti, Will Bryant, James Crowhurst, Connor Dean, Michael Doan, Steele Edwards, Emmanuel Faraj, Liam Griffiths, Matthew Kemp, Rhys Kirkham, James Kocovski, James Lamb, Tobias Massang, Aaron Netto, Thomas Ruston, Zachary Stannard, Charlie Thorpe, Mitchell Tinsley and Connor Vilaysack.

Peer Support

Peer Mentors make a promise to the College each year to provide help and support for the younger students of St Laurence’s College by joining in with them for activities at year level camps, Home Classes and lunch times, to greater strengthen their bond with peers. Seniors are selected for the position and have the responsibility to look forward to and are enthusiastic about getting to know the younger students at St Laurence’s College. They present themselves as positive role models in order to make a student’s experience at the College as enjoyable as possible. Peer Mentors are supported by the College Counsellors to help them fulfill their role at the College.