Unlock His Potential

Unlock His Potential. Unlock His Future. Discover The Possibilities. Discover Lauries.


1. having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.
2. latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. "a young broadcaster with great potential"

The concept, “Unlock his Potential” stemmed from the incredible array of opportunities offered to students and the board range of achievements at the College. In our new campaign, discover some of the pathways your son could take with an education at Lauries, utilising cinematic video sequences of current students throughout our campus. Unlock his potential. Unlock his future. Discover the possibilities. Discover Lauries.

The Lauries Journey, stands out above the rest. We discover student’s pathways, delve into the wide range of possibilities made available to them, support, encourage, celebrate the successes and continue to build upon missed opportunities. It’s a journey tailored to every individual student. It’s the Lauries Journey.

We have highlighted our school in this short feature video, along with print, digital and outdoor media to form one unique yet appealing campaign which will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out in the local community and further afield and discover the Lauries Journey today.

View the full video below or via our Lauries Tube (YouTube) page and subscribe, so you don't miss the next video unveiling.