Through this site, the College will provide support for furthering a range of cocurricular activities at home.  Whilst the ideas will be provided for students, content is also provided for the benefit of the wider Lauries community. Be sure to check back regularly for updates and additional content.

For information regarding the status of all College Events and Activities, please click here.


It is important that boys remain active throughout the time that organised co-curricular sport at St Laurence’s is unable to occur. By staying actively involved in physical activity during this time, there will be positive benefits to not only the physical well being of students but also their mental health. Staying active at this time will also reduce the chances of injury when organised sports begin again.

General Fitness – Aerobic/Cardiovascular Endurance

The College’s @Home Cross Country Training sessions have been modified for every student to follow to improve their base aerobic endurance which are available here.

Students are encouraged to identify the current level of aerobic/cardiovascular fitness they are currently at and can choose the level of training they are at - Beginning, Developing or Advanced. Students should aim to complete the three different sessions each week. The third session- “Time Trial” is important as it gives each student an opportunity to view their progress.

Athletic Development- Strength, Power, Flexibility and Mobility Sessions

Available on the College App – Strength and Conditioning Tab- is a large number of activities that students can complete at home that will develop a variety of components of fitness. The activities have been broken up based on the equipment required. Activities cater for all students including those with a full gym set up at home through to those without any equipment at home. The “Mobility” activities are particularly important for injury prevention for adolescents during this time in their physical development.

With each activity is a link to where students can watch the activity being completed.

St Laurence’s Athletic Development Staff can be contacted during this period to answer any questions at or 3010 2779. 

Sport Specific Skill Acquisition Activities

For the current co-curricular sports of Basketball and Tennis, a series of videos has been produced on sport specific skill activities. These videos can be accessed here or through the specific sport's page of the College App. This will allow students an opportunity to continue to develop their individual skills throughout this time.

If you have any enquiries during this time- please do not hesitate to contact the Sports Department ( 


Instrumental Music and Private Speech and Drama Lessons

Private and shared instrumental, vocal, music theory and speech and drama tuition will continue online for interactive video lessons. Online music lessons continues student learning as well as providing valuable avenues for self expression, focus and accomplishment.

Students who are at school should report to the music department for their lesson.

Lesson Procedures

  • Teachers will email students with a link for the meeting
  • The student clicks on the link in the email and the lesson begins
  • Lessons are password protected by teachers so unauthorised users cannot join
  • If significant technical difficulties are experienced during the lesson, the lesson will be re-scheduled or alternative arrangements will be made.

Home Set-up Requirements

  • Lessons must take place in a communally used part of the house, such as a living room or family room, not a bedroom
  • Students must be dressed in neat, casual clothes for lessons.

Attendance Requirements

  • A weekly lesson timetable is emailed to students by teachers
  • Students must check their school email accounts regularly for any changes to the timetable

Ensemble Rehearsals

  • Students are encouraged to continue to practice their ensemble music. Ensemble rehearsals will re-commence as soon as possible.
  • We encourage students to contact a few other members of their ensemble via online mediums and practice their ensemble parts together.