IT Resources and FAQS

Ensuring students have the resources and understanding to learning@home successfully

To ensure the continuity of learning, students will utilise numerous learning management programs while Learning@Home, including Microsoft Teams. 

Utilising Teams, students will be able attend live classes remotely using their College issued laptop. Moreover, other existing digital tools will be used to enable continued online learning including but not limited to

‘Live’ Lessons
Students will connect to some lessons using Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a replacement to Skype, with added features. Teachers will send meeting requests for the relevant online lessons, scheduled to take place at the same time he would have attended the lesson in person. Or, alternatively, if the teacher has already prepared lesson material, students will be notified where to access the material digitally. Please note that the number of ‘live’ lessons may be limited.

Digital Resources
Teachers will use our existing online platforms or the Microsoft Teams Platform to deliver lessons in the form of video presentations or to distribute other digital resources. Your son will also be able to communicate with his normal classroom teacher via email or Microsoft Teams chat / voice call, as well as connect with peers using these methods. Access to all other College digital resources is available as per normal.



Is the IT Helpdesk still open?

The IT Helpdesk is still operating as normal from 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday. IT support staff are onsite, and the Helpdesk is accessible via phone, email and in person. 
Phone: 3010 1123

How is the IT Support Team handling social distancing and good hygiene practice?

The IT Support Team is practicing social distancing internally as well as regularly cleaning helpdesk customer service contact areas. If you do need to access the IT Helpdesk in person, please note that there are clear markings on the ground in front of the Helpdesk window to aide in social distancing. Accordingly, we ask that only 1 person is at the windows at any time. Moreover, there is also hand sanitiser provided to our customers and any device that is processed is thoroughly wiped down with appropriate cleaning agents.

What if I damage my laptop at home and it is no longer functional?

You should contact our IT Support Team via email or phone at or 3010 1123. We are still receiving support as normal from Dell so we can still process any insurance or warranty claims. There may be some delays in the repair process due to transport logistics however, a loan device will be supplied whilst any repair work is processed so that learning can continue. 

What if I have issues with Microsoft Teams or software not functioning as it should?

You should contact our IT Support Team via email or phone at or 3010 1123. Our IT Support Officers can remotely connect to your device provided you have a stable internet connection to troubleshoot software issues. Please note, in some instances if the college device cannot be accessed remotely by IT Support, you may need to drop off your laptop to the IT Helpdesk at the College.

What if I need help on how to use Microsoft Teams?

The IT Support team can remotely connect to your laptop to run you through any questions you may have about Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, there are some very helpful instructional videos located in the Microsoft Education YouTube channel.

How should students contact the IT Help Desk from home?

If you need to phone the IT Help Desk, please use your parents’ phone or Teams. This assists us in confirming the identity of the person we are speaking to.

If you are going to send an email, please use your school email address and provide as much information as possible about the problem you are having with your laptop.