St Laurence's College is committed to providing continuing and effective teaching and learning to our students during the period of Learning@Home. Our staff are dedicated and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the need of continuing the delivery of the academic curriculum to our students. 

Please see below key information for our families as we are Learning@Home.

What does this mean for students?
Being Prepared each day
Setting up a suitable study space

What does this mean for students?

  • Your son/s learning will continue to be supported by St Laurence’s College.
  • Each day, an outline of the required work will be emailed to students and parents by a key teacher of each subject.
  • Online tutorials will be scheduled over the week for the various subjects. Students will receive invitations through Outlook and Teams.
  • Students will be expected to maintain a regular study routine that meets the needs of the home environment.

Being Prepared each day

  • Check your son/s can access Sloodle (and other class sites) from Home and knows what he is working on each day, utilising his College Diary.
  • Engage in daily conversations with your son/s to check how he is feeling about learning at home and the support the he may need to adjust.

Setting up a suitable study space

  • Create a quiet and comfortable learning space.
  • A space for extended learning should be a family space, rather than a bedroom (where possible). Your son may have a regular place for doing homework under normal circumstances, but this space may not be suitable for working in for an extended period of time. It should be a place that can be quiet at times and if possible, have internet access.
  • St Laurence's College wants students to be safe when working online. Parents and caregivers can access resources which support students to use technology appropriately and responsibly and behave in ways that keep them safe via Pastoral@Home.


  • Learning@Home WILL NOT require a student to be using his computer at all times. Traditional means, including pen and paper, will certainly have a place during this period.
  • It is important that students remain active and vary their day's activities. Please view our Community@Home page for more information and workout programs designed for use in the home environment.


  • Each subject will follow a teaching and learning plan based on the National Curriculum (Years 5 - 10) and QCAA Syllabi (Years 11 + 12).
  • Learning from home is different to learning at school. It is important for students to break up their learning by engaging in a range of other activities as outlined in Pastoral@Home.


  • Each morning at 8:30am students are required to attend a class “TEAMS” meeting for administration. During this time teachers will mark the roll of attendance, lead a class prayer and share any information- including an overview of the day ahead- this is the same format as Face to Face admin classes.
  • For each timetabled lesson, teachers will conduct “live teaching” including explicit teaching of concepts and explaining tasks to be completed by students. Teachers will remain online using “Teams” during lessons to run Masterclasses or to assist/support students as they complete tasks set during the lesson. Lessons will follow the timetable conveyed during the morning admin meeting- they will generally follow the usual class timetable, with teachers making minor changes from time to time according to learning priorities. Again, this is the same as would happen in the Face to Face environment.
  • OneNote will be the major platform used for students to access / connect with the curriculum.
  • Lessons will run for 45mins and start at the usual timetabled start times.
  • 5 mins at the end of each lesson will be provided for students to get a drink, go to the bathroom, rest their eyes or take a quick walk, etc.

YEARS 7-12

  • Each morning at 8.30am, students are required to check in with their House Mentor via teams
  • Teachers will email work to students. Extended unit outlines are available to students via the online platform utilised within each subject (e.g. Sloodle, OneNote etc.) 
  • Online tutorials are scheduled to occur within a normal timetabled lesson to ensure that students do not have clashes on their schedule. The remainder of the daily schedule should be determined by students in consultation with parents. 
  • Teachers will be available for feedback and questions during scheduled classes.