The College Leadership Team, in conjunction with members of the Pastoral team, have created a broad range of engagement programs tailored for students while Learning@Home. These strategies will provide connectivity, deepen relationships and foster a stronger tie between students, families and the College.  

Interactive activities will be posted regularly to House groups setup in Microsoft Teams and via the appropriate closed social media pages. All students are encouraged to participate in the activities, with points available towards House tallies. Students also have a chance 'pay it forward' through the completion of House challenges and Faith in Action initiatives.

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How will students stay connected to the College and their House?
Student Wellbeing Support for Parents/Caregivers

How will students stay connected to the College and their House?

Pastoral@Home on Teams

  • Pastoral@Home on Teams is an interactive space for students within the Microsoft Teams platform. 
  • On this platform, students will be able to access daily updates, links and suggested pastoral care activities posted by our Pastoral Care Team at the College.
  • All students have been assigned into separate House group Teams within this platform, where they will be able to interact with Heads of House, House Mentors and other students from their House.

Social Media

  • House Groups also have their own designated, closed Instagram pages, to further connect with students.
  • Each House has a House Captain who lead and run these pages, at the discretion of their Head of House.
  • Encourage your son to take part in daily and weekly events and challenges as Houses continue to stay connected together as a community.

Student Wellbeing Support for Parents/Caregivers

The wellbeing of our students remains our utmost and first priority. At this time, everyone in our community can be affected and the young Lauries men will need support from parents, caregivers and other family members. They will need help to understand what is going on in a way that is appropriate for their age and development.

You can support your son(s) by:

  • monitoring reactions and listening to how they feel and what they are thinking
  • being aware of what you say when they are around and letting them know they can ask you questions any time. Make feelings normal by letting your son(s) know it is okay to have feelings such as sadness, anger, frustration, worry, fear or anxiety
  • sharing that you are also feeling this way, without overloading them with adult responsibilities. Encourage them to talk with you about how they are feeling, let them know there’s no wrong way to feel or think, and that all feelings are valid
  • being honest and sticking to the facts, without providing too much detail. Limit the amount of media exposure, explain news to them and discuss what has been seen, read and heard.  If your children are feeling upset or anxious about stories they are seeing or hearing, make sure they take some time off to think about something else. Switching devices off for a few hours may help.
  • providing a sense of stability. This our young men feel more comfortable during times of uncertainty. During this period of school closure, think about the importance of:
         - sleep: getting enough sleep and rest can help us all feel better during the day. Set regular times for going to bed and getting up in the morning for students of all ages
         - food and drink: make sure your children are eating regularly throughout the day and drinking plenty of water
         - moving: being physically active can lift the mood, be relaxing and provide an opportunity for fun
         - relaxation and fun: is there something your son(s) enjoy doing that will help them relax? Everyone needs a little time out to just think about something nice, whether that is playing games, singing or communicating with friends. Set rules and limitations around social media usage and other online interactions.
  • providing reassurance:focus on the good. When times are difficult, it can help to take notice of the good things still in your life. Encourage your children to take some time to think about the positives - kind people, good friends, beautiful moments, however small. Point out the people working to fix the situation.

The St Laurence's College team of counsellors are able to provide additional remote support for students, parents and caregivers. Further information, including couselling referral forms, are available in the Wellbeing section of the College website here. As a College we will continue to distribute resources that may be of assistance.