Master Plan

Planning for the future at St Laurence’s College

To assist in the continual improvement of our learning and student facilities, our Master Plan has been developed to map out the revitalisation of the campus over the next 20 years. Our main focus for this Master Plan is to provide flexible facilities that will support student learning both now and into the future. 

The Master Plan honours our blend of heritage and innovation with sustainable practices to facilitate agile learning. Through collaboration, consultation and thinking ahead, we are creating future spaces for learning and development.

The Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) for our Master Plan was approved by the Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, Hon Steven Miles MP in December 2022. 

Plans are currently underway to break ground on Stage 1 of the Master Plan in early 2024.

The Master Plan Includes Six Stages

Stage 1 includes a new five to six-storey learning centre, which will house a library, home base for seniors, centre of excellence, technologies hub and a replacement two-level basement carpark. This centre will be the new ‘welcome point’ for parents and students. 

Stage 2 will refurbish the Br Campbell and Br Grundy buildings with a new café and staff area, removal of a demountable building and other internal works.

Stage 3 will expand on Stage 1 by expanding the footprint of the new five to six-storey learning centre to include a new uniform shop, auditorium, drama practice rooms and flexible learning rooms.

Stage 4 relates to the area of the demolished Brady building and includes the construction of a 50-metre swimming pool and wellbeing centre, kiosk, spectator seating and associated facilities.

Stage 5 includes a five-storey building with flexible learning spaces. 

Stage 6 will provide an additional playing court near the southern boundary of the campus.