Arts for Social Justice Exhibition 2021

Held on 2 November 2021, the Arts for Social Justice Exhibition is a celebration of important curriculum work that happens in Year 10 and 11 Arts subjects. Through Art, Music, and Drama, we hope to advocate for the rights of others and challenge the status quo.

Upon entry, guests donated pairs of socks to Emmanuel City Mission, helping those who are vulnerable in our local South Brisbane community.

Guests were welcomed to the event with a beautiful set by James Kidd, Darcy Gilbert, and Tyler Genn.

Year 11 Arts in Practice students sold shirts and tote bags with their own designs, each linked to a social justice or ecological issue. Our pop up shop raised over $300 which will be donated to ECM’s Christmas Appeal.

Year 10 Music sang songs of hope, justice, and gospel spirituality, led by the amazing Dr Young, who as always, encourages everyone to join in and sing!

Mrs Dorge and Mr Mohr’s Year 10 Drama presented their Collage Dramas that tackles issues prevalent in contemporary society.

Ms Mavritsky and Ms Ellen’s Year 10 Visual Art classes exhibited a range of photographs that explored the theme of ‘Exposure’, addressing the needs, rights, and feelings of the vulnerable in our community.

Year 11 Arts in Practice exhibited works that responded to two community organisations, DanDaLion and Emmanuel City Mission. We were lucky to have both Laury and Roby come and speak with us earlier in the term about what they do and why they engage in such important work.

Thank you to everyone who came and made the night so successful. It is always a joy to see students and families celebrating their achievements, but also connecting with what makes Edmund Rice education so very important – peace and justice.

Special thanks must go to Elyse Johnston and Rebecca Dorge for their vision, Will Pike and Stewart Williams for assisting with the set up, Amanda VanDerZant and Mandy Spinoglio for helping create the Pop Up Shop and setting up the art exhibition, the classroom teachers for their passion and creativity, and our Dean of Identity – the ever supportive and justice driven Paul Corfield. Without this amazing group of staff events like this could not be possible.