2022 Dux Announced!

St Laurence’s College is proud to acknowledge the recent academic and vocational education achievements of the Class of 2022. The hard work and dedication exhibited by the students in all facets of their learning has resulted in the following results:

· 37% received a 90+ ATAR

· 19% received a 95%+ ATAR

· Median ATAR is 86.85

A testament to the learning pathways available at St Laurence’s College, completion rates were strong in all vocational subjects, with an additional 112 external qualifications issued. The College was also very proud of the 18 students who are completing a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship. The College offers six internally taught certificate (Vocational Education) subjects, and over 24 certificate subjects delivered by external providers.

College Principal, Mr Chris Leadbetter, is particularly proud of the achievements of the cohort.

“The entire St Laurence’s College community congratulates the Senior class of 2022 on their excellent academic results. Our Seniors have led the student body with a sense of passion and gratitude. We congratulate Adam, Cameron, James and Cooper for their outstanding achievement.”


Dean of Teaching and Learning, Dr Liam Herbert, also noted the wonderful accomplishment from the Class of 2022. 


“We are very proud of the 2022 Senior cohort. These students have worked extremely hard, focusing on External Exam preparation, to achieve these outstanding results. Our dedicated Year 11 and Year 12 teachers were highly focused to ensure each student reached their personal sense of excellence. Congratulations!” 


The College would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding achievements:

· Joint 2022 College Dux: 

o Adam Brouwers – 99.90

o Cameron Griffiths – 99.90

· Proxime Accessit (runner-up Dux of the College):

o James Starling – 99.65

· Brother Spillane Memorial Award (ranked third in the Dux calculations):

o Cooper Dean – 99.60


Students who received 100% for Music:

· Dominic Schwantes

· Geordan Soffos

· John Waters

We also congratulate the students below who achieved an outstanding 99% in their respective subjects:

· Christian Iconomidis – Drama

· Samuel Lee – Film TV and New Media

· Miguel Galarion – Mathematical Methods

· Mathew Preston – Music Extension

· Dominic Schwantes – Music Extension

· John Waters – Music Extension

· Rhys Hilton – Music

· Dominic Wojciechowski - Music

· Xahn Hatch – Study of Religion


Congratulations on this amazing achievement and thank you to all staff who contributed to this throughout their Lauries Journey.