Find your Heart of Gold at Lauries

St Laurence’s College is more than a school. Our community is one in which those who wear the black and gold are deeply connected. It is unique and the many ways it manifests within our College has inspired the brand ‘Heart of Gold’ at Lauries. 

In 2023, Lauries is proud to share ‘Heart of Gold’ with the wider community.

The ‘Heart of Gold’ brand seeks to capture the spirit of St Laurence’s College. To best achieve this, the College engaged a number of different stakeholders including students, parents and staff alongside media company Creature Creative to develop authentic and dynamic messaging in line with the Lauries Journey. 

Throughout this process, each party was asked: what makes Lauries unique? While answers varied, all parties agreed that Lauries is a welcoming community that is characterised by an overwhelming, shared sense of pride. 

At Lauries, students are encouraged to find and pursue their passions. Whether it be in the classroom, on the sporting field, in the rehearsal room or out in the community, every day is an opportunity to succeed. Because of this, our young men leave the College as well-rounded individuals with full hearts – hearts of gold – ready to make a positive impact in society.

At its core, ‘Heart of Gold’ encapsulates all that a Lauries education provides. The dedicated website highlights this through student testimonials. Hear from Macca, Miguel, Rory and Finn for yourself and find out why they love Lauries at