Restarting Sport at St Laurence's College

As restrictions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in Queensland continue to be lifted, the return of Co-Curricular sport at the College moves closer.  The information below contains all of the details our current parents and caregivers need to make an initial decision on your son/s involvement in sport for Term 3 based on information currently known. Please find attached: 

  1. AIC Management Committee Statement (26 May) outlining format of AIC Competition in Term 3, 2020.
  2. “Embracing the Challenge of Restarting Sport” document outlining present St Laurence’s planning for the return of co-curricular sport.

All parents and caregivers are asked to read these documents and discuss with their son/s their St Laurence’s sport involvement for Term 3. Families are then requested to complete the “Expression of Interest” survey through the link provided via email and on the College App.
Expression of Interest closes at 3.00pm on Tuesday 2 June.
If you have enquiries regarding the “Restarting of Sport” at St Laurence’s, please contact the SLC Sports Office ( directly.