Student Built Vehicle Takes Second Place in Pedal Prix

A team of Year 10 students competed in a 24-hour Pedal Prix race in Maryborough, showcasing their determination, design, engineering and teamwork. 

The team entered the Open Boys (School Built) category, with a vehicle entirely designed and built at school by students and staff.

Over the 24 hours, the team completed 393 laps, which equates to around 590km of riding. 

Students managed to bounce back from four major crashes, three broken chains, brakes locking up as well as the hot conditions on track. The fastest time to complete a 1.5km lap for the team was 2:43 minutes, with an average of three minutes.

With a few repairs along the way and consistent riding by each student, the team came a clear and well-deserved second place!

A Lauries Tradition

The Pedal Prix has become a great tradition at St Laurence's College, with a number of technologies students working with staff to engineer and build a vehicle to race in the competition each year. 

The team is determined to improve on the vehicle design and with some more training, are looking forward to competing again next year. 

A junior team will also be started, mentored by the current Senior School team to assist them in developing their design, teamwork and riding skills for future races.