Students perform with Hugh Jackman

A group of St Laurence's College choral students recently performed on stage with Hugh Jackman as part of his show in Brisbane, The Man. The Music. The Show.

For the past couple of weeks, the group of very honoured Year 11 and 10 students have been rehearsing every morning tea and lunch break in preparation for their involvement in the show.

Involved SLC students performed in the backing choir with select performers from the Australian Girls Choir, and Hugh Jackman himself, on stage at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre at Boondall for all shows.

The event enabled students to work with a professional cast, choreographer and music director Mr John O'Neill from New York.

"Every time we came off stage, we wanted to go back on and do it all again," student Sam Madden said.

"15000 people all clapping for you at once was a wonderful feeling. All nerves just immediately went as soon as we were on stage. The unity of the cast, band and crew was wonderful."

The Show, held at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, saw our students perform on stage with Hugh Jackman himself for all Brisbane performances.

"It was electrifying to feel the energy from the audience and from Hugh Jackman himself."

Student, Jack Duggan

Student Cooper Williams said it was one experience he would never forget.

"This has been an experience of a lifetime- we're incredibly grateful for the opportunity as Lauries students to be part of such an incredible production on stage in front of such a large audience," he said.

Assistant Head of Faculty for Music at St Laurence's College, Dr Anthony Young, said it was a powerful learning experience for staff as well as students involved.

"We are incredibly proud of the boys’ performances for such an wonderful on-stage opportunity- a highlight they will all remember as Lauries students," Dr Young said.

"Our boys were well received because of their cooperative attitude, excellent behaviour and strong commitment to the show.

"Hugh Jackman himself was a pleasure to work with and provided a great example to our boys of how a famous and highly skills professional performer should treat others.

Mr Chris Leadbetter said the College were very humbled to be asked to be a part of the show.

"Being approached to participate in a professional production of this stature is a tribute to the great work our students and staff do every day to become reliable, competent, enthusiastic, humble and cooperative performers."

Principal, Mr Chris Leadbetter

"Thankyou to all music staff and parents involved in rehearsals and performance preparation and well done to all students who took part in this incredible and unique opportunity offered to our College."

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