Facere et docere: To do and to teach.

Summoned by the call of St Laurence’s College motto, facere et docere: To do and to teach, St Laurence’s College strives to implement the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition so that it is the ‘lived reality’ in the community.


The St Laurence’s College Vision is to be an authentic, dynamic, relational Catholic educational community.

  • An authentic Catholic community that celebrates and reflects Edmund Rice’s vision of Presence, Compassion and Liberation by ‘acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly with God’ (Micah 6:8).
  • A dynamic educational community for boys and young men that maximises their potential to be both active contributors to and prophetic voices within an ever-changing society.
  • An inclusive community, which continuously seeks to create and renew respectful, compassionate relationships by which all can experience what it means to be fully human.


St Laurence’s College, through nurturing respectful and compassionate relationships, aims to:

  • Foster Christian faith, personal worth and belonging through spiritual growth, reconciliation, compassion and generosity.
  • Educate boys and young men holistically in spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social dimensions of life.
  • Provide a safe and sustainable environment in which St Laurence’s College boys and young men learn and live.
  • Inspire all to live lives of service, especially to the poor and marginalised, both locally and globally.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal peoples as the traditional custodians and guardians of the land on which St Laurence's College is placed. We are inspired and nurtured by the wisdom, spiritualities and experiences of our First Nations Peoples. We respect the living culture of Indigenous Australians today and together as a community we work actively for reconciliation, justice, equality and healing.

College Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team works together to provide leadership and direction to the College Community to achieve the mission of St Laurence’s College. Under the direction of the Principal, each of the Deans has the responsibility for running different aspects of College life.

View College Leadership Team
Heads of House
College Board

View College Leadership Team

  • Chris Leadbetter - Principal 
  • Ben Lowrie - Deputy Principal 
  • Paul Corfield - Dean of Identity and Community
  • Liam Herbert - Dean of Teaching and Learning
  • Kirsten Wardrop - Dean of Administration
  • David Knight - Head of Senior School
  • Vanessa Bell - Head of Middle School
  • Cameron Wigan - Head of Primary School
  • Sharyn Finn - Business Manager

Heads of House

  • Callan - David Sheehan
  • Duhig  - Richard King 
  • Hogan - Shane Lynch
  • Kilian - Anthony Bird
  • Nagle - Michelle Licina
  • Rice - Tim Mallon
  • Sion - Lachlan Heshusius
  • Treacy - Ben Russell
  • Waterford - Nathan Burridge
  • Xavier - Anthony Samios

College Board

  • Chair of Board - Paul Begg
  • Principal - Chris Leadbetter
  • Deputy Principal - John Butterworth
  • Board Secretary - Heather Batchelor

Board members:

  • Andreia Wigan
  • Jo Richards
  • Paul Begg
  • Roderick O’Sullivan
  • Shane Hull
  • Stellios Falieros
  • Stephen O’Kane
  • Genevieve Green
  • Michelle Prendergast

    Strategic Plan

    The Strategic Plan provides an overarching framework and set of priorities from which many plans and budgets will be developed, implemented and regularly reviewed by the Board and College Leadership Team, with priorities adjusted as necessary.  

    Please follow the link below to view the St Laurence College Strategic Plan 2018-2020.