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We honour the history of Lauries and help to build the future with every gift we give.

2024 Annual Appeal

The 2024 Annual Appeal is now open! Each year, we ask our community to give their best gift to one of our two tax-deductible entities - the St Laurence's Old Boys' Foundation and the St Laurence's College Building Fund. 

All gifts donated to the Old Boy's Foundation will continue to support students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Lauries education. Donations towards the Building Fund will be contributed towards the seating for the soon-to-be-completed outdoor learning and student engagement space, pictured HERE.

Donations to these fantastic causes can be made via the links available below

St Laurence’s College has a rich history of giving, inspired by the founding brothers in 1915.

Currently, the College has charities with DGR status that members of the community and beyond can contribute to. These two entities fall under the banner of 'The Lauries Giving Program' and include the St Laurence's Old Boys' Foundation and the St Laurence's College Building Fund. Further information on both of these impactful charities can be found below.

St Laurence's Old Boys' Foundation

The St Laurence’s Old Boys’ Foundation was developed to assist disadvantaged and marginalised boys obtain an education at St Laurence’s. Since its establishment in 1988, the Old Boys’ Foundation has donated over $655,000 to the College. These funds directly assist with the educational costs of financially disadvantaged students and ensure they receive their own Lauries Journey.

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St Laurence's College Building Fund

The College Building Fund is a tax-deductible fund that provides for projected and ongoing capital works in addition to the maintenance of buildings and facilities at the College. As part of the Annual Appeals each year, funds raised through the Building Fund are contributed to projects of impact within the College. Transformational gifts are also welcome for other facility-based purposes, such as the commencement of Stage 1 of the Master Plan. Commemorative opportunities also exist with members of the community invited to secure a commemorative plaque in the Chapel of St Laurence O’Toole. Honour a loved one, commemorate your son/s graduation (or your own) or preserve your family name for a $300 gift to the Building Fund. Please note, all commemorative plaques are not tax-deductible.

Give today

No matter how you choose to donate, every gift makes a real difference to the lives of our students. If you have supported us in previous years, we remain sincerely grateful. If you are able to make a gift this year, we thank you deeply for your kindness and generosity.

If you have any questions regarding the gifting opportunities at St Laurence's College, please contact the Director of Communications, Development and Events, Helen Turner on 07 3010 1178 or