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We're committed to knowing each student and walking with them on their Lauries Learning Journey. We challenge our students to achieve a personal sense of excellence on their path of self-discovery.

Our Vision for Learning

Our students graduate as confident, capable and compassionate men. As self-directed lifelong learners they exhibit a growth mindset and form positive relationships with others.

The Curriculum Team at the College collectively aims to facilitate engagement, growth and excellence in students and staff through quality programs that provide a liberating education.

Belief about Learning

We take a holistic approach to education, where active engagement occurs in dynamic and relevant learning environments that enable our to acquire new knowledge, discover their talents, deepen their understanding and apply concepts to new contexts or ideas. 

The implementation of the ‘Agreed Practice’ framework has facilitated effective lesson clarity and provided the foundations to ensure consistency of expectations, facilitate student growth, and that a learning environment is established which fosters effective pedagogy. While offering a variety of courses at all levels which cater for a range of students’ ability, the College has high expectations of student application and achievement through the Agreed Practice Framework. Clear standards expected for classroom work, assignment presentation, homework and examinations are communicated via numerous forums.

Parents are invited and encouraged to work in partnership with the College to achieve the best outcomes for their son/s. Students’ academic progress is carefully monitored and formal reporting to parents occurs three times per year.

Students are also allocated a teacher who will act as their Learning Mentor to review data and co-construct SMART goals. The intention is for the Learning Mentor to know the story of their students and to walk the Lauries Learning Journey with each young man.

Supported by the Dean of Teaching and Learning and dedicated Heads of School Studies for Primary, Middle and Senior, the College offers both support and extension programs to ensure that all boys receive a high-quality education.

St Laurence's College Extension Programs:

  • Immersion opportunities
  • Gifted and Talented program
  • Days of Excellence
  • Local, State, National and International Academic and Vocational Education competitions
  • University Partnerships
  • Career Education and Counselling
  • Targeted programs in Mathematics and English
  • Accelerated Maths Program

Support programs include:

  • Literacy and Numeracy support
  • ESL programs
  • Work Education and Transition
  • Agreed Practice Framework

A Lauries classroom is a safe, positive and productive learning environment in which students are empowered to learn and work collaboratively and autonomously to achieve excellence.
Students and staff are respectful, positive and focused on learning. To articulate this, we use the acronym - 'GROW'. The term 'we' is also used throughout the framework. This is also to highlight that students and staff work collaboratively in order to ensure that students learn in a respectful environment where they are given clarity they are connected, and they are challenged.

For more detailed information, please view our College Prospectus or arrange a College Tour by contacting the College directly, (07) 3010 1111.

Stationery Lists

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