Lauries Community Committee

Community is at the heart of the St Laurence's College values. The contributions of parents and friends of the School are essential to our success and we are grateful for the investment of every person who contributes to every boy's Lauries Story.

Who we are

The Lauries Community Committee (LCC) is the main parent representative body.  

The purpose of the LCC is to provide support to the College Leadership Team where necessary, assist with the building of a strong sense of community within the College and provide additional funding to the College for projects that directly benefit the students. 

What we do

The LCC works collaboratively within the major pillars of College life to support successful event execution. 

We offer an opportunity for parents to meet in a relaxed and friendly environment, be involved in a discussion about key aspects of College life and have personal contact with College Leadership Team, enabling opportunities for collaborative discussion regarding College life through our quarterly forums.

The LCC meet quarterly. All interested persons are welcome to attend the meetings which provide a great opportunity to engage with the College Leadership team. Executive Members of the LCC attend College events and volunteer their help, making them readily available for discussion.

LCC Constitution

Please click here to view the Lauries Community Committee Structure and Charter.

Please also see below the meeting dates for the LCC:

Monday 31 July 6pm

LCC AGM: Monday 9 October 6pm

Office Bearers
Tanya Hansen
Vice President
Kerry Collins
Sue Beuth
Chair of Music and Culture
Marty Flannery
Chair of Sport
Kathy Nadenic
Chair of Faith in Action
Jennifer Morris
Chair of Fundraising
Kerry Estella

To contact the LCC, please leave a message at the College reception on 07 3010 1111.