Manchester City Football School - A Successful First Year

The establishment of the Manchester City Football School at St Laurence's College this year has undeniably made a profound impact on the College community, specifically in fostering the development of our boys' skills and personal attributes. This collaboration has not only elevated the quality of football education but has also translated into remarkable achievements for the Year 5, Year 6, and Year 7 boys, marked by their outstanding victories in various tournaments.

Since the inception of the Manchester City Football School, its presence within St Laurence's College has been transformative. The program's curriculum, designed in alignment with Manchester City's renowned training methodologies, has provided a holistic approach to skill development. It's not just about honing technical abilities on the field; it's about instilling values of discipline, teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship.

The impact of this program is showcased in the achievements of our footballers across the Man City Football School year levels, including winning the EREA Tournament, winning two AIC Premierships, winning the U12 Queensland Schools Futsal Tournament, as well as contributing towards winning the AIC Aggregate Shield.

Head Coach of the Manchester City Football School, Mr Jamie Davies has applauded the efforts of the students involved, highlighting their commitment to excellence and high personal standards.

“The boys have enjoyed an exceptional year of Football. I have been impressed by the effort and commitment of our players in training well, in competing in games, and in their focus on personal growth off the field. These high standards have allowed us to compete well across all our competitions; our objective is never to win at all costs, but rather to win in what we believe to be the correct way. The boys have certainly delivered in that regard, and I look forward with tremendous excitement to 2024.”

Beyond the accolades, the impact of the Manchester City Football School transcends the field. It has contributed significantly to the holistic development of the boys, fostering qualities that extend far beyond football. The values of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork imbibed through the program are invaluable life skills that will continue to shape these boys into well-rounded individuals.

We look forward to seeing the Manchester City Football School progressing in 2024.