Transitioning into the Lauries Journey!

St Laurence's College is proud to welcome a number of new students and families to the College in 2024.

"As we begin the 2024 school year, we are very excited to welcome over 500 new students, across multiple year levels, to our College," Mr Leadbetter said.

A key aspect of the Lauries Journey is a spirit of welcome. The transition to a new school or from Primary School to Secondary School can be daunting for students and parents alike. At Lauries, we do our best to make these transitions as smooth as possible.

In 2024, St Laurence's College is proud to unveil a College Leadership Team wellbeing initiative - the Lauries Journey Induction Mentors. These mentors, who are Old Boys from the 2023 Senior cohort, aid in the transition of Year 5 and 7 students. These mentors will be present throughout Year 5 and 7 classes and will also go away on Year 7 camp.

As well as the Lauries Journey Induction Mentors, Year 7 students also experience an altered curriculum in the first weeks of school. Lauries Head of Student Engagement, Mr Nathan Burridge and Dean of Middle School, Ms Vanessa Bell design this specialised curriculum in order to ensure a seamless and supportive transition for students and their families into Secondary School. As part of their first two weeks in Secondary School, all Year 7 students take part in Year 7 Camp. The camp acts as an excellent chance for students to get to know each other, their Heads of House and other key staff as well as to settle into the newest stage of their Lauries Journey!

The College Transport Buddy System is another key program run to ensure a safe and smooth transition for the newest students. Often, public transport is an unknown for new students. Each year, Year 12's volunteer to assist these young men with their public transport routes. In 2024, a record number of Senior students volunteered to support and guide their young peers.