Policies and Reports

Policy forms an essential component of our organisational governance and is particularly important for our large community at St Laurence’s College. Our policies are influenced by our Mission, Vision and Values. 

Policies and procedures are particularly important to St Laurence’s College. Each policy/procedure has been developed in consultation with stakeholders and is approved by the College Leadership Team, College Board and EREA Board prior to publication, to ensure each is underpinned by our existing vision and mission and the EREA Charter and core values.

The College adopts a number of policy and procedure documents to help define the rights and responsibilities of all staff and students at the College. This page is a repository of some of the governance documents formulated and adopted by the College community. Current students and parents are able to access and reference College policies through Parent Lounge and in the Student Diary. Prospective employees can access a range of relevant employment policy documents via the employment page of this website.