Pastoral care is a distinctive cultural characteristic of a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition and, accordingly, is a fundamental part of St Laurence’s College.

The welfare of the boys is paramount in the school as we encourage boys to engage in their studies with purpose and confidence, which promotes their full human growth. The school has high expectations of student behaviour in all situations, expectations that aim to promote a high degree of self-discipline as well as enhancing self-confidence, self-esteem and good habits for later life.

Pastoral Care is the responsibility of the Heads of School, Heads of Year and teaching staff. Our staff take a special interest in each boy’s academic and general progress and are there to praise and record any particular success or achievement. The Home Class group is the basic pastoral and administrative unit of the school.

The Lauries Journey

The Lauries Journey is the Pastoral Care program of St Laurence’s College.  As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, St Laurence's students engage in the program in order to deepen their commitment to the care and respect for the dignity of each individual within the community.  As Jesus was the Good Shepherd of his flock and as Edmund walked the streets of Waterford with a lantern, St Laurence’s holds that each person is unique and precious in the eyes of God and invites them on The Lauries Journey.