The Lauries Journey

Every boy feels known and valued for being the person that he is.

The Lauries Journey represents the journey that each boy will take at this College which will see him grow from a young boy into a young man. 

It is not a journey that he will take alone, but one that will involve the comforting support of his parents, friends and teachers.

The Lauries Journey seeks to ensure that every boy feels known and valued for being the person that he is. It seeks to equip him with the knowledge, skills and qualities to develop his character, deepen his faith, widen his friendships and strengthen his self-belief in his own potential. It seeks to establish good relationships; it is within the context of meaningful relationships between student and teacher that true learning takes place. 

St Laurence’s College has a long proud tradition of Old Boys who see themselves as still on The Lauries Journey because of the significance of the relationships they experienced at school. 

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is an essential part of the College curriculum. These developmental programs enhance a boy’s self esteem and team skills. Students follow a program of increasing challenge culminating in a trek requiring significant self-reliance.

History and Tradition

"It is good for us to be here."

These were the words spoken by Archbishop Duhig as he spoke to the crowd at the School's opening in April 1915, upon the summit of St Kilian's Hill. His words resonated with the large assembled crowd who had long waited for a new ‘St Kilian’s’ and the arrival of the Christian Brothers to take charge of their school. 

Today the Catholic secondary boys’ school atop St Kilian’s Hill is known as St Laurence’s College. 

The College campus has grown and flourished over the past 100 years to be one of the best equipped learning environments for boys in Brisbane, supporting students of diverse backgrounds and talents. 


The College is committed to providing students with academic and personal skills to equip them for life.

St Laurence’s College offers a program of Studies from Year 5 to 12 where the vision of a holistic education for each student centres on liberation for 'life to the full' (John 10:10). 

The College is committed to providing students with academic and personal skills to equip them for life and a flexible career path. Students are encouraged to pursue a balanced general education that engages them at the level of their learning readiness and challenges them to pursue excellence. Teachers, parents and students work in partnership to promote a love of lifelong learning. 

The vision for Catholic Education at St Laurence’s College is a dynamic educational community for boys and young men that maximises their potential to be both active contributors and prophetic voices within an ever-changing society.

Co-Curricular Program

St Laurence’s College provides an extensive Co-Curricular Program beyond the classroom, providing for the education of the whole person.

Every student has the opportunity and is encouraged to participate in the many cultural, musical, social, spiritual, service learning and sporting aspects of College life.

These activities provide for the personal growth of the students by developing individual skill, teamwork, leadership, mateship, understanding and self-discipline in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. This in turn benefits curriculum performance and school behaviour and helps build a real sense of community.


St Laurence's College offers a balance of contemporary, student-centred learning spaces, alongside the strong history and tradition of the original campus buildings.  

Lauries is fortunate to have excellent buildings, grounds and facilities which are conducive to promoting an effective learning environment. 

Special features include: well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories, primary and secondary libraries and resource centres and specialist rooms for music, television, graphics, design and technology, to name but a few. These facilities are complemented by a state of the art Performing Arts Centre, new Chapel, rooftop field and STEM building on the South Brisbane campus.

The College’s playing fields are located at Runcorn, adjacent to the railway station. Eight fields are enhanced by new change rooms and a function centre. St Laurence’s outdoor education centre is located on five hectares on the western bank of Lake Moogerah.

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