Our students are encouraged to embrace all activities as an opportunity to expand their experiences, further develop existing skills and find new pathways for their Lauries Journey. Involvement in all aspects of school life increases each student’s sense of belonging, expands friendship groups, benefits curriculum performance and student behaviour, and leads to higher levels of motivation and engagement.


Lauries has a proud history of advancing the sporting opportunities of our students and remains strongly committed to health and physical wellbeing throughout each student’s journey. Our facilities and dedicated staff contribute to achieving each boy's full potential.


Music is a vibrant and exciting aspect of Co-Curricular life at St Laurence's College. 

Our students perform in a wide range of ensembles and singing groups across age, year and instrument levels.

Culture and Commnity

A vibrant array of endless drama, art, debating, public speaking and community activities are offered to all students at Lauries. Both areas of Culture and Community at the College provides every student with extensive programs that journey beyond the classroom.