The Lauries Giving Program

We honour the history of Lauries with every gift we give.

The Lauries Giving Program

St Laurence’s College has a rich history of giving, inspired by the founding brothers in 1915. 

The Lauries Giving Program offers an avenue for all members of the community and beyond to give their best gift to either people or property.  

This includes gifts towards student’s educational costs (via the St Laurence’s Old Boys’ Foundation) or buildings and infrastructure (via the St Laurence’s College Building Fund). 

Both organisations provide an avenue for tax-deductible gifts to be directly gifted towards projects of purpose, impact and importance.

St Laurence’s Old Boys’ Foundation

The St Laurence’s Old Boys’ Foundation was developed to assist disadvantaged and marginalised boys obtain an education at St Laurence’s. 

Since its establishment in 1988, the Old Boys’ Foundation has donated over $424,000 to the College.

Further information is available on the Old Boys website Foundation page.

St Laurence’s Building Fund

The College Building Fund is a tax-deductible fund that provides for projected and on-going capital works in addition to the maintenance of buildings and facilities at the College.

St Laurence’s College is also offering the opportunity to make a Legacy gift of a commemorative plaque in the Chapel of St Laurence O’Toole. Honour a loved one, commemorate your son/s graduation (or your own) or preserve your family name for a $300 gift to the Building Fund. 

For further information, review the brochure.

Annual Appeal

The 2019 Annual Appeal concluded to great success. Over $100,000 was donated by members of the Lauries community towards the two tax-deductible entities: 

The Old Boys' Foundation which will assist in providing educational opportunities for disadvantaged boys

The St Laurence's Building Fund which will provide additional seating for students around campus

On behalf of the staff and students of St Laurence's College, thank you to everyone who supported this year's campaign. Hear for yourself the success of the day via the below video:

No matter how you choose to donate, every gift makes a real difference to the lives of our students. If you have supported us in previous years, we remain sincerely grateful. If you are able to make a gift this year, we thank you deeply for your kindness and generosity.

Find out more

Please contact the College Director of Communications, Development and Events, Helen Turner on or 07 3010 1178 for further information.