St Laurence’s College offers a broad program of both subject offerings and enrichment experiences to cater for the learning needs of all students. Each student is challenged to attain their personal level of Academic Excellence and their performance is tracked as the journey through the College. 

Support for Personal Excellence includes:
  • Acceleration Programs in Mathematics - Click here to view Handbook.
  • Master Classes
  • Extensive competitions and challenges
  • Support for a range of learning difficulties
  • Targeted ESL programs and subjects
  • Links to industry and external professionals
  • Excellence and Improvement Awards

The College is committed to providing students with an appropriate academic pathway that provides them with a set of skills foundational to future success. Within each sub-school: Primary (Years 5-6)Middle (Years 7-9) and Senior (Years 10-12), specialist staff are empowered to deliver tailored learning experiences to ensure each student can grow to his full potential. Follow the links below to learn more.

Stationery Lists

Please follow links below to view 2020 stationery lists. 

Ordering Stationery

The College works closely with MK Educational Supplies to offer the above stationery lists at a competitive price. If you decide to use MK Educational Supplies you will be dealing directly with their company and all orders will be delivered to your home.

For online ordering, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to website :
2. Select a school and year
3. Select boy
4. Add your sons First and Last name
5. Complete the check out process


All packs will be delivered to the nominated address during the period Monday 16 - Monday 23 December 2019.

While every care is taken in packing, mistakes do occasionally occur. Therefore, on receipt of your pack, please check that the contents are as per the invoice. If an error has occurred, please contact MK Educational Supplies within 10 days.

The prices on the Order Form are applicable until the end of December. Prices of some items may vary slightly if purchased at a later date.