St Laurence's College Primary School delivers an outstanding holistic education for boys in Years 5 and 6 in a purpose-built, self-contained, modern precinct.

The Primary curriculum is delivered in six collaboratively taught classrooms by exceptional educators. 

Home Class Teachers lead learning in Religion, English, Mathematics, Science and HASS. Specialist teachers are engaged for Health and Physical Education, Chinese, Drama, Art and Music. The academic, personal and spiritual growth of each boy is the focus of all staff, working in partnerships with parents. 

The new Primary model of teaching at Lauries (from 2018) has seen boys actively engage in the learning process to achieve targeted learning outcomes. It allows the boys to take ownership of their learning and strive for personal excellence.

The Primary School provides an excellent foundation for students and families commencing their Lauries Journey. 

It provides numerous opportunities for boys and parents to share in community events and gain an understanding of the Edmund Rice ethos while developing personal attributes and learning dispositions central to a successful holistic education.

Students who graduate to secondary schooling from our Primary School do so with a well- developed “Lauries” spirit. They have a strong sense of belonging to a great school and also a deep realisation of their own great potential as a person.

Learning Dispositions

Primary School Precinct

St Laurence’s College has entered a new era of teaching and learning. Learn more about how our new learning spaces complement the school’s outstanding education for boys in the 21st Century.

Student Centred Teaching and Learning

Learn more about Student Centred Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century in the St Laurence College Primary School Handbook.