2023 Dux Announced!

St Laurence’s College is proud to acknowledge the recent academic and vocational education achievements of the Class of 2023.

The cohort showed determination in all facets of their learning to achieve the following results:

  • 63 students received an ATAR above 90
  • 31 students received an ATAR above 95
  • 115 students received an ATAR above 80
  • The median ATAR for the College is 83.65
  • 263 students received a Queensland Certificate of Education

The College is proud to provide a holistic education with multiple opportunities and career pathways available to our students. In 2023 at St Laurence's College, the completion rates were strong in all vocational subjects. Internally, 20 students attained the Certificate II in Business and 37 students gained the Certificate I in Construction qualification.

College Principal, Mr Chris Leadbetter, is particularly proud of the achievements of the cohort.

“The entire St Laurence’s College community congratulates the Senior Class of 2023 on their excellent academic results. Our Seniors have led a culture of excellence in all aspects of College life. We congratulate all students for their outstanding achievement.”

Dean of Teaching and Learning, Dr Liam Herbert, also noted the wonderful accomplishment from the Class of 2023.

“We are very proud of the 2023 Senior cohort. These students have worked extremely hard, focusing on External Exam preparation, to achieve these outstanding results. Our dedicated Year 11 and Year 12 teachers were highly focused to ensure each student reached their personal sense of excellence. Congratulations!”

The College would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding achievements:

  • 2023 College Dux: Zach Lamarca (99.90)
  • Proxime Accessit (runner-up Dux of the College): Miguel Galarion (99.80)
  • Brother Spillane Memorial Award (ranked third in the Dux calculations): Kai Klisanin (99.70)

There were 10 occasions that students achieved 100% for their subjects. Most notable is Zach Lamarca who achieved 100% in Specialist Mathematics and 100% in Mathematical Methods - an outstanding feat. Students who received 100% for the following subjects include:

  • Zach Lamarca – Mathematical Methods
  • Zach Lamarca – Specialist Mathematics
  • Peter Falieros - Physics
  • Miguel Galarion - Physics
  • Cruze Bunting – English and Literature Extension
  • James Kidd – Music
  • Miles Le Goullon – Music
  • Miles Le Goullon – Music Extension (Performance)
  • Joshua Sephton – Music Extension (Performance)
  • Kieran Van Acker – Music Extension (Performance)

We also congratulate the students below who achieved an outstanding 99% in their respective subjects:

  • Miguel Galarion – Specialist Maths
  • Miguel Galarion – Biology
  • Miguel Galarion – Chemistry
  • Zach Lamarca – Chemistry
  • Hugo Barrett – English
  • Joshua Sephton – Literature
  • Jaydon Macaulay – Physical Education
  • Alex Beitz – Physics
  • Thomas Jago – Physics
  • Zach Lamarca – Physics
  • Kevin Reid - Physics
  • Hugo Barrett – Music
  • Ming Lai – Music
  • Andrew Schwantes – Music
  • Kieran Van Acker - Music
  • Oscar Yem – Music
  • Cruze Bunting – SOR
  • Max Faustini Timmoneri – SOR
  • James O’Sullivan – SOR
  • Tonga Pouhila – Visual Art

Congratulations on this amazing achievement and thank you to all staff who contributed to this throughout their Lauries Journey.